Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fun weekend!

This weekend was really exciting! Mainly because of Twilight. I feel like i've been waiting forever for this movie to come out. In July I started reading the first 3 books again so i'd be refreshed when the last one came out. But I wanted John to read them too. I knew he wouldn't just sit and read so I bought the audio books on itunes and we listened to them every night. He LOVED them and he was HOOKED! We've been excited for the movie since. Here in Utah Valley they were selling out weeks in advance. I figured I'd have to wait til Monday to watch it. But THEN..... on Tuesday John was driving me to work and it happened! We were listening to the same radio station as always and they give away different things everyday. I once one tickets to a Foreigner concert for calling in because i knew the name of the hoarse on the Wyoming license plate. ( You may think you don't know who Foreigner is, but i LOVE them. And if you click on the link, I promise you they sing songs you'll know! they were once VERY famous!) ANYWAY.... I knew the answer again and we were the right caller and we won TWILIGHT tickets to the MIDNIGHT showing. It was in Salt Lake so we didn't get back to out humble abode until 3AM! We were super tired at our jobs on Friday... but it was SO worth it! Saturday we just rested from our twilight adventure then went to dinner at Spark in Provo. If you can you should go there for sure. The food and the environment is great! THEN, today we went to Salt Lake to see the Body Worlds Exhibit in Salt Lake. If you haven't been then you should hurry and go. I think It's only here through the end of December. It's a traveling museum so if you don't live near Salt Lake find out if it will be coming to a city near you! It's graphic and raw and it's ALL real bodies. But it was completely Fascinating! There were also tonz of children there. So if you have children it could be a great learning experience. Maybe just look at the link i posted or some pictures online too see of you think your child could handle it. I don't want to cause and nightmares! So over all it was a very exciting and eventful weekend! Hope all of you had great weekends too! 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pancakes, Red Box, and the NEW BED!

Every Sunday John gets up and makes me pancakes for breakfast. He's so sweet. He even has to make two batches cause he has whole grain pancakes and i don't like them so he makes me regular ones. Its such a great way to end the week we are in and start the new one off. I love Sundays because they are and end and a beginning.  We also got a new bed this week! It's a select comfort. You can change the setting from night to night to match your preferred firmness. It's great for me because after the car accident i was in 2 years ago my body aches at different points from day to day.  It came on Wednesday and it had a few kinks on Wednesday and Thursday, but we talked to the sales guy on friday and he said that there was something wrong with the pump. He gave us a new one and it has been perfect since. We went to Red Box and watched movies in our new bed all weekend! Hooray for good food, good movies, good company and comfy beds.
                                                       My pancakes and my movies

  My regular pancakes and John's yucky wheat ones

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a really fun Halloween! There was a party and Haunted House at my school. It was actually really scary. I'm the teacher that helps with Student Council and we set up the Haunted House. We made people cry because they got so scared. We had a man with a chain saw, the girl from the ring, Reagan from The Exorcist, and the Joker from the new Batman. They were all students. We had a lot of other really scary stuff too.... and it was so dark with strobe lights and black lights and fog.  After the Haunted House we just ate and played all the students and teachers dressed up.  My favorite costume was Ursula. He made the costume himself, I think he did an AMAZING job! We dressed up as Snow White and Prince Charming. I even made Grande a Dwarf Costume. His hat was red so I think that made him "Grumpy" the dwarf, which was fitting cause he hated his costume! Actually, I think I was the only one that liked my costume, but John and Grande were cute for matching me anyway!

Cole as Ursula

KD as the girl from The Ring

Susie as Reagan from The Exorcist. She was SO SCARY!!! The picture doesn't even do it justice cause I had to use my flash to make it work. But she was flailing all over the bed and asking for help becasue the devil was inside her..... it was really kind of disturbing, but she scared people!!

Tajia as the Joker. Its crazy how much she looks like him. Click on her picture to see the details of the make-up. It looks so good!
Some of the teachers there that day.
Grande in his Dwarf costume.
Snow White and Prince Charming and a Dwarf.

For all of you who have been asking.....

HERE are some pictures from New York.  Just click on the "Wedding in New York City" album. I still don't have my pictures from the reception. Hopefully soon.