Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know you live in Utah County when....

I hear some pretty strange things living here. it's always a little surprising to hear the funny little things that people will say or hint at, or even just assume. but i know where i chose to live and i know what comes with that decision. honestly there are a lot of people who are very loving and kind and understanding, but every once in a while someone will say something that just honestly shocks me.

Two boys around 19 came into my work, one went to the back while the other stayed in the lobby to wait. I was sitting by my front desk girl, sarah and we were just talking. Sarah mentioned something about being in the sun and i made a comment about how i'm an indoor kind of girl and would rather be painting or watching movies or go to a museum than hike or ski or anything like that..... this is how it went from there...

Boy: What? You don't like to be outside? You're just going to be a stay at home mom that cooks all day.
Me and Sarah: Look surprised at his outburst and laugh because that is so not what i do!
Boy: Why is that funny?
Me: I don't know how to cook, my husband ALWAYS cooks!
Sarah: And she doesn't really like kids.
Me: Yeah i have cute little dogs instead.
Boy: You don't like kids?! How can you not like kids!!
Sarah: I should've said that differently, it isn't that she doesn't like them, she can appreciate kids, she just doesn't like to be around them a lot.
Me: Yeah, they're cute sometimes, but they're just so loud and crazy and i don't have a lot of patience when it comes to loud noises.
Boy: Well doesn't your husband make a lot of noise?
Me:(confused....what does this boys dad do for a living?!) not really, we just hang out and eat good food and sleep in on weekends and work and have fun.
Boy: So you seriously don't want kids?
Me: I don't know, we've only been married for a year, maybe someday, but it's just not really in our immediate future plans.
Boy: (dead serious and and in a really rude tone of voice) WHY DID YOU EVEN GET MARRIED IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE KIDS?!
Me: (shocked) Ummm..... because i love my husband!
Sarah:(who is an active member of the church and has been married for 2.5 years and doesn't have children yet)... There are lots of reasons to be married besides to multiply and replenish the earth!
Boy: I know but i just don't see the point!
--a few seconds of awkward silence and blank stares later, i changed the subject and asked sarah a question. I mean really.... what can i say to that?!
But SERIOUSLY? WHO SAYS THAT? And especially to a perfect stranger?! AND we weren't even talking to him AND we weren't even talking about children until he made the comment about me not liking the outdoors. WEIRDO!!
So just because i may not want kids i have to have a lonely life and don't deserve to be loved or in love, or married?! Suddenly we have proposition 9... if you aren't pregnant by the 2nd year of marriage your wedding will now be annulled. If you know you don't want children you can only be married in the state of Pennsylvania?! CRAZY BOY!
So funny! When he finally left I started laughing so hard i was almost crying! i couldn't even stop! Sarah was really mad. She was so offended for me! i explained to her that i'm used to inappropriate comments from strangers about my life choices and although that was by far one of the craziest, that i know not to get offended by those kinds of things. she said " It's people like him that give the church and it's members a bad name! i HATE that!" HAHA I guess it's a good thing i know a lot of people like Sarah, who is so kind and loving and accepting, or i may think everyone in this valley was crazy! But again.... WHO SAYS THAT?! HAHA.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy!!!! POST EDIT and afterthought.

---Last night when i wrote the post about the crazies... i was obviously offended and i may have become a little bit "mother cat" over my sister! I still mean everything i wrote. but this morning after the intensity of it wore off. and some very kind comments and emails i feel a lot better.

So i want to say thank you just one more time for all of the support and kindness Erin has received from strangers as well as people in her life. Our family has been very blessed to have people that love her and cheer her on. i know Erin is grateful for that as well.
I would also like to say, that although my last post was mainly about mean people, there has been way more positive and kind feedback from friends, family, and strangers about Erin being named All State Player of the Year than mean ones. There has been WAY more love in this situation than hate and i appreciate all of you who have shown me that. Anyone who knows Erin would only want to be her friend, you can't know her and choose to be her enemy. The only opinions that should matter to me are the ones of my friends and family. and i know i have all the support in the world from them. I'm sorry that i let myself focus on the negative people last night and not the positive, when there has been so many nice things that have been said.
I just love my sister.
positivity always wins, and i promise i will be on that side from now on!! Thank you.

Friday, November 6, 2009


WOW!!! So most of my volleyball posts about Erin were posted within the week, some within hours of this post. And ALL of them were newspaper articles and direct quotes except for the post -representin'- which says more about my love for her than about her athletic ability). But i seem to have caused quite the controversy! I may have to start monitoring and approving my comments from other people. I have received quite a few mean, snarky and intense comments and emails from complete strangers from other wyoming teams. Mostly about how they think their players are better. I have deleted the comments (except for the one comment that was just a comment, and not rude.) And although i do understand that they are bias and loyal to their players, as i am to my sister, i don't think it's appropriate for them to search out my personal blog and a put negative damper on the excitement and happiness that me and my family are experiencing over Erin's volleyball season and accomplishments.
I have never bad-mouthed another team or player on my blog or in public, and i don't delete the positive quotes from the articles about other team's players when i post them on my blog. when my family attends the games we cheer and clap for the opposing teams when they do something good- just like we do for our own team. My parents have had letters written about them to our athletics department on more than one occasion thanking them for their good sportsmanship and positive energy toward ALL wyoming players.
I think Erin is very deserving of her recognition this season. I know that there are opinions and politics in sports that i certainly do not understand. But one thing i know as a fact is that Erin being named state player of the year was because the majority of the coaches from all 4A teams voted for her. And i want to thank those coaches for doing so, it proves to me that me thinking she deserves it isn't JUST because i love her and see who she is, but also because the majority of her competition's coaches also wanted her to be recognized after watching her athletic skills and getting to see a a small part of who she is as a person. Erin is a very kind and sweet young lady who is very passionate about what she does and about the people in her life. she is extremely grateful for the honors she has received as state and regional player of the year as well as all state and all conference. although she has self worth and shows pride in what she does, she is never cocky or rude, on or off the court. She even acknowledges the talent and competition of the other players in the 4A classification that could have been and were considered for player of the year , as well as her teammates for helping her be and become the player that she is....

Erin's most recent quotes:
"I was excited because it was my goal from when I was a sophomore to do it by the time I was a senior so that was nice," Kirby said. "It makes me feel good. There are a lot of other really good players. I would watch them and see how good they were. It's cool that coaches see me play and think that about me.

"I tried to have a good attitude on the court and be a team player," Kirby said. She also gave credit to the team's setters, Abbey Ehlers and Jessica Chandler.
"They are great setters. They helped me get better with my hitting because I didn't have to adjust too much," Kirby said. "They'd get a good set and I'd get a good hit and it would help with confidence."

-------Comments and even links to other articles about the players you love, no matter what team they play on are welcomed. I have great pride in my home state of wyoming and the amazing talent and athleticism we have, and are lucky enough to witness together. We are separate as teams in our cities, classifications, regions, and conferences, and we are all proud of our individual friends and family as athletes and our coaches that lead and teach them. but we should show some unity and pride as a state, not just as individuals teams and players. Be glad we have each other.

*One of the most true quotes i have ever heard is... "We are only as great as our greatest competition."
-Our athletes push each other and help each other learn and grow and develop into the people and athletes that they are. They sharpen each other's talents and skills and teach each other life lessons such as triumph, disappointment, pride, humility, teamwork, friendship, competition, respect, dedication, drive, integrity, embarrassment, excitement, pure sorrow, and pure happiness, and in general, just pure, raw emotion.
I am grateful to have had the chance to grow up in wyoming sports and learn some of these lessons for myself. And being seven years older than Erin, i have been so lucky to be able to watch her grow and mature into who she is. And not only to witness that growth but to see how so much of it is because of your children and athletes, and all wyoming coaches and parents. You have all been Erin's greatest competition and she is great because of that. And i truly believe that your daughters are greater because she was a great competition to them. I want to say thank you to all of you who are influential in our Wyoming High School Sports, from that huge amount of support... Erin as well as many other past, present, and future Wyoming athletes have the opportunity to play in college level sports, and to have their educations paid for, making them just as successful in their adult lives as they are now.

For those of you who don't agree with me or share my enthusiasm... you are entitled to whatever opinions you have and i respect that. But please respect me and my family by not posting unkind remarks on my personal blog. There are plenty of discussion boards where you can write anything you want (go here to read other opinions or to post your own). Although Erin is very humble, i have NEVER, EVER claimed to be humble for or about her. I am extremely proud of her and her accomplishments, i brag about her all the time! I am lucky to have her in my life as an example and as someone to try to be an example for. I love her and love that i can call her my sister. if that pride and love annoys you, as some of you have so blatantly and viciously expressed, and you really feel the need to tell me or to say something about it, then please at least send it in an email so that only i have to read it, not all of my friends and family. Thank you.
Lyndsey Kirby McClure


During the state Finals i was really excited and wanted the girls to know how much we love and support them. The whole Evanston crowd cheered and yelled like crazy the whole weekend but i always wonder how much they can really hear all the way out there..... even thought i'm REALLY loud and my mom is even louder!! (people in front of us may or may not have moved during the first game, telling us that we were too loud and gave us mean looks. But we always cheer nicely and even cheer when the other team does good stuff too! So i think they were just cranky cause we were winning!) But ANYWAY......for the finals me and my friend Jaime decided to make sure they could see and feel our love from the stands!! So we made posters for the girls. Erin is such a great player and nice person that most of the other teams and their fans know her, but she had also been in the front page of casper paper the day before, so if they didn't know her before that... they all did after watching her play and reading the article. I wanted everyone to know that she's MINE! She may be humble, but i am definitely not humble about her! So i made a shirt that said "ERIN KIRBY IS MY SISTER" with a KIRBY and number 11 on the back. she could see it from the stands and it made her so happy. They were all so smiley from the court when they saw us. People from other teams were commenting when i'd walk by them. They'd say how amazing and kind she is and some cute girls that were from a middle school in another city said " I wish Erin was my sister" it was so cute!!! GO LADY DEVILS WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Erin's article from today in the Herald about being State Plater of the Year

OK OK..... i know the Erin posts are getting a little out of control! But i'm so proud of her and i want to make sure i'm keeping things documented. I love this article because she's getting interviewed for being the state player of the year, it's all about her. But she credits not only her setters and teammates, but mentions how grateful she is to be chosen among so many other amazing players in the state. I am so proud of how great of an athlete she is, but most of all i am so proud of the person she is and how she handles herself in her interviews with so much grace and integrity, so humble yet with so much self worth.
I love you so much Booey Bug!!!! And i am so proud of the young woman you have become!!

Kirby named 4A volleyball Player of the Year

Erin Kirby knocks down a kill past Green River?s Julie Oliver in the second game of the state championship match last Saturday. HERALD PHOTO/Kurt Ritzman

Erin Kirby, a senior middle hitter , was named the 4A state volleyball Player of the Year at last weekend's state tournament.
"I was excited because it was my goal from when I was a sophomore to do it by the time I was a senior so that was nice," Kirby said. "It makes me feel good. There are a lot of other really good players. I would watch them and see how good they were. It's cool that coaches see me play and think that about me."
Kirby was a large part of Evanston's 21-6 season that ended with a runner-up finish.
She led the state in Class 4A with 396 kills and 189 solo blocks. She also finished the season with a hitting efficiency of 44 percent, which was second among those finishing the season in the top 10 in kills per game. The third place hitting efficiency in the top 10 was 27 percent.
"I like to block. I worked on blocking a lot when I was a sophomore . I went to a lot of camps this summer and learned a lot," Kirby said. "I was good at blocking, but I couldn't hit as well. I just worked on what I knew I needed to get better at. I worked on the fundamental skills and I gained more confidence."
That hard work and confidence paid off. Kirby had two games with 25 kills one against Natrona and one against Green River. She also had 17 blocks in a match against Star Valley.
"I tried to have a good attitude on the court and be a team player," Kirby said. She also gave credit to the team's setters, Abbey Ehlers and Jessica Chandler.
"They are great setters. They helped me get better with my hitting because I didn't have to adjust too much," Kirby said. "They'd get a good set and I'd get a good hit and it would help with confidence."
Kirby said getting a good set allowed her to do more, or different, things with her kills because she didn't have to make big adjustments just to get to the ball.
"After Monday, I was thinking about (the season). We've enjoyed the whole journey. This year was way fun. We came a long way from last year and we still made history," Kirby said. "It was a good year."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

State Volleyball 2009 Uinta County Herald article.

Evanston senior Erin Kirby (right) hugs junior Alyssa Hagstrom after the Lady Devils defeated Kelly Walsh in the semifinals of the Class 4A state tournament.

Evanston faced Green River for the fifth time this season. This time it was for the Class 4A Championship on Saturday. Unfortunately for Lady Devil fans, the result was a fourth loss for Evanston and a runner-up finish.

“The girls are tough kids and they’re OK,” Evanston coach Tera Lawlar said. “They’re very sad, but very smart. They put it into perspective. We still made history. It was the first time in the championship game. We really enjoyed the whole ride. It was a great season. It’s something they’ll remember forever. On the bus (going home) the girls asked me to go back there and make them feel better. I told them that I wouldn’t trade second place with them for first with any other team.”

The Lady Devils returned every girl, but one from last year’s team that did not qualify for the state tournament.

“I think last year we didn’t have the fight that we had this year,” Katie Thomas said.

Kelsi Thornock said a lot of it was the extra work that the team put in over the off-season.


Evanston started the championship match off very well. The first game stayed close until the Lady Devils were ahead 16-15. Evanston closed the game on a 9-4 run to take the first game 25-19. The run was sparked by two Katie Thomas kills. Erin Kirby, Thornock and Alyssa Hagstrom each had a kill during the run.

Kirby started the second game by dominating the net. She had two kills and a block as the Lady Devils built an early 5-1 lead. Green River was not going to go away though and battled back to take a 7-6 lead.

Evanston went on another long run (17-8) to take a 23-15 lead in the game.

A Katie Thomas block and an ace by Hagstrom started the run.

Kirby knocked down four kills during the streak to keep the momentum with the Lady Devils.

Kirby led the team with 16 kills and nine solo blocks during the title match.

Again Green River fought back. The Lady Wolves cut Evanston’s lead to 24-23 when Lawlar called a time out. After talking things over, Thornock hit a game-winning kill to give Evanston a two game to zero lead.

“We came out great the first two games. We were playing to win and playing strong,” Lawlar said. “(In the third game) I thought we played a little safer. We didn’t play to win. We played not to lose and we got a little complacent.”

The Lady Wolves scored the first six points of the third game. Evanston battled back, but could not get closer than two points. An ace by Green River gave them the third game, 25-14.

The Lady Devils found themselves down big again in game four. Green River built a 19-10 lead. Hagstrom hit a kill. Lauren Thomas got a block and the momentum changed to Evanston. The Lady Devils cut the lead to 23-21, before Green River knocked down a kill to reach game point and Lawlar called a time out.

After the time out, Thornock hit a kill and Kirby got a block to cut the lead to 24-23. The Lady Devils missed their serve, handing the game to Green River and sending the championship match into a decisive fifth game.

Evanston jumped out to an early 4-2 advantage. But the Lady Wolves scored eight of the next 10 points. Trailing 10-6, the Lady Devils couldn’t do enough to come back and lost 15-8.

Green River came from behind to win the championship 19-25, 23-25, 25-14, 25-23, 15-8.

“Before the fifth game, we still believed. We thought we were OK,” Lawlar said. “On point 14, I saw it in their faces, ‘Oh my gosh, what have we done?’ It’s sad. I wish we could have eked it out, obviously. They’ll be OK and I couldn’t be prouder. “

Katie Thomas knocked down 13 kills. Lauren Thomas and Thornock each had six solo blocks.

Jessica Chandler dished out 21 assists and Bernie Gutierrez led the defense with 26 digs.

The Lady Devils went 4-0 this season against Casper teams. Their only losses were to Green River and Bonneville (Idaho).

“They’re great kids and have a lot going for them. We had a great season,” Lawlar said. “Obviously, this is not what we wanted, but they can learn a lot from this.”


On Friday night, Evanston advanced to the school’s first state championship game in volleyball with a 25-18, 19-25, 25-22, 19-25, 15-8 victory over defending state 4A champion Kelly Walsh.

“They’re a really good team. They’re awfully big so they’ll put up a formidable block at the net. They’ll play really hard,” Kelly Walsh Jeff Barkell coach said prior to the match. “I think it will be a good match. They’ll got a lot of weapons and we’ve got a few, too.”

The Lady Devils led 6-5 in the fifth game, when Kelly Walsh blocked a Thornock kill attempt out of bounds. The next point ended on a Katie Thomas kill. After a hitting error by Kelly Walsh, a block by Thornock and another kill by Katie Thomas, the Lady Devils held an 11-5 lead. Chandler served five points in a row during the run.

“I was thinking ‘over and in.’ I’ve never had doubt when I was back there,” Chandler said. “I play for my team. That’s what was going through my head.”

Evanston went on to win the fifth game 15-8.

Katie Thomas had 14 kills in the match. Thornock knocked down eight kills and had nine solo blocks.

The Lady Devils went on a big run in the first game after taking an 11-10 advantage. Evanston outscored Kelly Walsh 7-1 to take an 18-11 lead. The Lady Devils allowed Kelly Walsh to get back in the game and cut the lead to 24-18. Thornock and Breanna Sanders came up with a block to give the game to the Lady Devils.

In the second game, Evanston led 19-17 but Kelly Walsh scored eight points in a row to take the game.

“When we lost, we came out even stronger in the third game,” Chandler said.

After losing the second game, Evanston trailed 19-15 in the third game.

“We were down and (Lawlar) said this was the game we could show how bad we really wanted it,” Kirby said.

A couple of errors by Kelly Walsh brought Evanston within one point. Kirby had a huge block to tie the game. After a Kelly Walsh kill, Kirby came up with another block to tie the game.

“When you get a big kill or block or a good pass, the momentum just changes,” Kirby said.

She finished the match with 16 kills, one hitting error and 13 solo blocks.

“We had heart, while Kelly Walsh had experience. Tera and I were talking and we’d rather have heart than experience any day,” Chandler said.

“I think that’s the most heart we showed all year,” Hagstrom said.

Evanston finished the game out to take a 2-1 lead.

First round

The theme of Evanston’s first round match was comebacks by the Lady Devils as they prevailed 25-23, 25-21, 25-27, 25-10.

The Lady Devils got down 6-0 in the first game, and still trailed 14-12.

“I think we get really nervous when it comes to big games,” Hagstrom said. “We’ve never been this successful or had this experience.”

“This was almost everyone’s first state game, so I think there were jitters,” Kirby said.

Kirby knocked down a kill and then Hagstrom hit an ace to even the score. The Lady Devils were able to hold on to the lead . Kirby hit another kill to give Evanston the first game.

In the second game, Evanston fell behind 4-1. They trailed 15-13, but then scored the next five points to go ahead 18-15.

The Lady Devils got off to a slow start in game three as well, trailing 6-1. This time they were unable to come back.

Thornock started serving in the fourth game and this time Evanston took the lead, getting ahead 8-0 on her serve, including two aces.

“I kind of struggled with serving, so my goal was not to miss at state,” Thornock said. “Every time I went back there, I said ‘I’m going to make it. I’m going to make it.’ As I kept going, it got better.”

The Lady Devils cruised through the game and advanced to the semifinals.

State Player of the Year!!

Evanston's Kirby leads all-state team

Evanston senior Erin Kirby was named the player of the year in Class 4A on Monday while Gillette Jess Reble was named the top defensive player.

Kirby, who led the state in stuff-blocks and kills, and fellow all-stater Kelsi Thornock led the Red Devils to the state championship match, where they lost 3-2 to Green River.

The state champion Wolves were represented on the all-state team by seniors Dani Hardy and Sarah Pickle.

Kirby, who will continue her volleyball career at Wyoming next year; Pickle; and Kelly Walsh's Kayla Fakelman are repeat selections.

Erin's Article in the Casper Star Tribune. front page in the sports section.

Heart Over Heat

Kirby announced in September that she will play volleyball at Wyoming. Kirby also plans on running track at UW when it doesn't interfere with volleyball.

"I've always been better at track," Kirby said, "but I have more of a passion for volleyball."

Track is such an individual sport, and I really like the team aspect of volleyball."

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the 6-foot Kirby is one of the top players in the state.

She leads the state in blocks and kills and is one of the main reasons Evanston entered this weekend's Wyoming State High School Volleyball Championships in Casper as one of the favorites in Class 4A.

"Erin is the complete package," Evanston coach Tera Lawlar said. "But as strong as she is as a player, I think her most valuable asset is that she knows her teammates are just as valuable as she is.

"Statistically, everyone can see how good she is. What makes her stand out even more is she has the ability to make a team better even when she's on the bench."

While Kirby doesn't spend a lot of time watching from the sidelines, Lawlar has the luxury of having a deep-enough team that she can keep Kirby rested.

So when Kirby is on the floor she is usually in attack mode.

She had 12 blocks and 25 kills in Evanston's five-game win at Natrona County on Oct. 10.

"Obviously, Erin is going to get attention when she's on the floor," Lawlar said. "But we're not 'The Erin Kirby Show,' and she knows that. Her humility is amazing."

Kirby said she was weighing her options between volleyball and track when she went to Laramie for a UW match last month. After spending the day hanging out with the players and going into the locker room for coach Carrie Yerty's pre-game speech, Kirby was convinced she wanted to be a Cowgirl.

"I just felt like it was the right place for me," she said. "I first went down for a visit during track and I really liked the coaches. Ever since then, [the coaches] made a point of keeping in touch and really making me feel welcome."

For now, though, Kirby and the Red Devils are focused on bringing the school's first state volleyball championship back to Evanston.

Evanston, the No. 2 seed out of the West, played Cheyenne Central in a first-round match late Thursday.

"I get goose bumps every time I think about it," Kirby said. "It would just be so cool to be the first team to do that.

"It's definitely something that we've talked about."

Contact sports reporter Jack Nowlin at (307) 266-0528 or

Kirby Tracker

WHO: Evanston senior Erin Kirby.

TAKE YOUR PICK: Kirby, a state track champion, received numerous offers to run track in college but chose to play volleyball at Wyoming, where she will also run track on a limited basis.

SHE SAID IT: "Erin is the complete package." -- Evanston coach Tera Lawlar.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Lady Devils come from behind to beat Green River
Clinch state tournament berth

After dropping the first two games to Green River on Wednesday, the Lady Devils rebounded and won the last three games to win the match and claim a berth in the 4A state volleyball tournament .
"In the beginning, we didn't play so great. It was deja vu from the first two times we played Green River," Evanston coach Tera Lawlar said.
The Lady Devils won 23-25 , 20-25 , 25-20 , 25-12 , 15-12 . "In the first game we battled. It was a sideout game. We were going pointfor-point ," Lawlar said. "We felt like Green River was dictating, though. We were playing at their pace." Lawlar said the first game got off to an atypical start. After the first nine points, Evanston's standout senior Erin Kirby had yet to touch the ball. She had only touched the ball three times in the first 17 points. "We only lost by two, so we felt pretty okay," Lawlar said. "We knew our team could do more and we wanted the girls to snap out of it." The second game went even worse for the Lady Devils.
Evanston got down 11-1 early in the game before rebounding to lose the game by five points.
"Nothing was working for us. The kids didn't fold. They played hard. Things just weren't working and Green River seemed perfect," Lawlar said. "We turned things around (in the game) and that gave us some hope. There seemed to be so much more effort on our side. We did a good job battling back after spotting them 10 or 11 points."
Assistant coach Matt Petersen gave the girls a pep talk after the second game.
"He said, 'We're going five. We're going five.' He gave them that edge of confidence. It was huge for us," Lawlar said. "We went out looking more confident . He totally redirected any kind of doubt we had after the first two games. We felt like we had control. After that, we dictated the game and speed."
The Lady Devils used that to win the third game 25-20 .
"The kids realized they had to fight harder and Green River thought things were going too easy. From game one our blocking was on, but it really picked up in game three," Lawlar said. "Our passing got better. Green River started to tip more. In the first two games their tips landed for kills, but we made some subtle defensive changes. We picked up the tips and were able to attack back at them," she added. Kirby led the Lady Devils with 12 solo blocks. Kelsi Thornock and Lauren Thomas each had seven solo blocks. Lawlar said game four was the opposite of game two, with Evanston dominating and winning 25-12 . "We knew we had to go out hard in game five. Our girls were embarrassed in game two and we rebounded in game three," Lawlar said. "We did that to them in game four, so we knew they could turn it around in game five." Evanston got ahead 6-1 in the fifth game. Green River crept closer 7-3 , 10-7 , 12-11 . Lawlar called a timeout and then Green River missed a serve. Lawlar said she wasn't sure what happened on the last couple points because she couldn't watch. The Lady Devils won the game 15-12 to win the match and become regular season conference champions. "We pulled it off," Lawlar said. "We're conference champions and that's exciting. We're going to state and that's a great feeling. That hasn't happened for a long time."
The Lady Devils only graduated one senior from last year's team that went 3-7 in conference. Evanston is 8-1 in conference . The Lady Devils played their final regular season conference match Thursday after our press time.
"It's amazing to have a team that couldn't qualify for state last year earn a bye. It's really neat for them to go from 3-7 to turn around and win conference, a tough conference," Lawlar said. "The girls wrote on the board at practice Wednesday 'We're not done yet, girls.' The kids had a hard time enjoying the win because they're not done yet. I told them to enjoy it that night and we'd get back to work (Wednesday)."
As a team, Evanston knocked down 54 kills and only made 12 hitting errors.
"I'll take that for the rest of the season, especially against a team like Green River," Lawlar said.
Kirby led the team with 24 of those kills. Thornock had 15 kills and Katie Thomas added nine. Jessica Chandler served five aces and made no service errors. Chandler also had 20 assists, while Abbey Ehlers had 23 assists.
Bernie Gutierrez led the defense with 15 digs and Alyssa Hagstrom came up with 14 digs.


Lady Devils best Natrona in tough five-game match
EHS controls own postseason fate By KURT RITZMAN Herald Sports Editor

Evanston finished off a regular season sweep of Natrona County on Saturday night with a five-game victory to move to 7-1 in conference play. The Lady Devils beat top-ranked Natrona County 28-30 , 25-21 , 27-25 , 26-28 , 15-10 . "I was really proud of them," Evanston coach Tera Lawlar said. "They were really proud of themselves ." Lawlar said the match probably featured the two best players in the state going against each other.
Evanston won that individual match up, as well as the more-important team match, with Erin Kirby outplaying Natrona's Baillie Gibson.
Gibson finished the game with 18 kills and seven blocks.
Kirby knocked down 25 kills and had 12 blocks.
"Erin was really huge for us, but you've got to have more than one player in such close games," Lawlar said. "As a team, we outworked Natrona the whole match."
Lawlar said Evanston's blocking played a big role in the win. Kelsi Thornock had five solo blocks in addition to Kirby's 12.
"The first game was really backand-forth , but we weren't really getting the output we wanted," Lawlar said. "After we lost the first game 30-28 , something just didn't feel right."
Lawlar switched Lauren Thomas to right side and Katie Thomas to outside hitter.
"They embraced the change," Lawlar said. "It wasn't that big of a deal to them and it immediately made a positive impact."
Lauren Thomas had three kills and two solo blocks as the right side hitter early in the second game.
Katie Thomas knocked down 19 kills, while making only two errors in her first varsity action as an outside hitter.
"Katie played phenomenal," Lawlar said. "She really stepped up."
Lawlar said the Lady Devils would explore whether to keep the new lineup for the rest of the season and may have to make other changes Tuesday against Green River.
"We have a lot of depth, which allows us to make some changes based on what the other team is doing," Lawlar said. "It's like playing a little chess match."
Evanston served well during the match, committing only five service errors. Only one of those occurred during the fourth game, and none were in the fifth game.
"They were so mature during it, for all of the games being so close. They were battling and held their composure ," Lawlar said of her team. "They all had that look of confidence. They all looked like they wanted to have the ball. They had confidence in each other and themselves. I'm really proud of them."
Abbey Ehlers had 28 assists and Jessica Chandler had 27 in the win.
Another key for the Lady Devils was their defense. Alyssa Hagstrom came up with 29 digs and Bernie Gutierrez had 24 against Natrona County.
"Our defense is so relentless. It's going to take a lot to get the ball down on our side of the net," Lawlar said. "I was proudest of how hard they worked. Every point was important."
The Lady Devils have a big week ahead of them to close out the regular season. Evanston travels to Green River tonight and hosts Star Valley on Thursday. If the Lady Devils win both matches, they will be 9-1 in regular season conference play, be the regular season champions and have an automatic berth to the state tournament.
"If we win, we've got it. It's nice to be in control," Lawlar said. "( The win over Natrona) definitely prepared us for Green River. I loved the way the girls battled and loved their confidence ."
Lawlar said Tuesday against Green River was going to be the big, emotional game, but they had to show up to play Thursday against Star Valley to finish out the season. Riverton The Lady Devils swept Riverton 25-15 , 25-12 , 25-16 on the road Friday night. "We passed very, very well," Lawlar said. Of Evanston's 35 passes, 29 were either perfect or almost perfect. "That's impressive passing," Lawlar said. "Our hitting was very good, as well." Kirby led the team with 24 kills and 11 solo blocks. Thornock added seven kills and six solo blocks. Gutierrez led the defense with 14 digs.

Casper Star Tribune Oct. 2009

Evanston's Erin Kirby and Natrona County's Baillie Gibson played a game of "anything you can do, I can do better" at NC's Dalton Gym on Saturday.

In the end, it was Kirby and the Red Devils who escaped with the 3-2 victory (28-30, 25-21, 27-25, 26-28, 15-10) to take sole possession of first place in the Class 4A West volleyball standings.

Fittingly, Kirby blocked an attack to end the match. The 5-foot-11 senior finished with 12 blocks and 25 kills as Evanston improved to 7-1 in conference play.

"Erin was huge for us," Evanston coach Teran Lawlar said. "She had 12 solo blocks ... that's a season for some players."

Gibson was nearly as impressive with 18 kills and seven blocks.

In a match befitting two of the top teams in the state -- NC entered the match ranked No. 1 while Evanston was No. 3 -- the Red Devils and Fillies battled on even terms throughout.

NC (6-2) fought off four game points in the opener before prevailing when an Evanston attack didn't clear the net.

The Red Devils pulled even in the second game behind Kirby and junior Katie Thomas.

Thomas, playing on the outside for the first time this season, had three kills during a 6-0 run late in the game. Thomas finished with 19 kills.

"We made some lineup changes [Saturday] and they paid off," Lawlar said. "And I thought we eliminated our service errors and played with a lot of emotion."

Gibson (five kills, two blocks) and Kirby (six kills, three blocks) exchanged shots in the third game, but it was NC sophomore Rahnee Jackson who nearly gave the Fillies the win.

Jackson, filling in for senior Ashley Straughan, had six kills in the game, including a well-timed attack that just got by two Evanston blockers and gave NC a 25-24 lead.

"I was proud of the way we had some girls step up," NC coach Sally Nichols said. "We weren't fully loaded, but Evanston is a good team, and they played a good match."

Following Jackson's attack, Thomas and Alyssa Hagstrom came up with back-to-back kills and the Fillies were whistled for a controversial net violation on game point as Evanston took a 2-1 lead.

Gibson came up with a big kill on match point to keep NC alive in the next game, and two Evanston miscues gave the Fillies the win.

In the end, though, NC was unable to overcome Kirby, who controlled the net in the decisive game, finishing with five kills and the match-winning block.

"There were three games that could have gone either way," Nichols said. "Unfortunately, they didn't go our way."

Evanston can wrap up the regular-season title with a win at Green River on Tuesday, although a loss would keep both the Red Devils and Wolves (6-1), as well as the Fillies, alive for the conference's top spot.

"There's no doubt that matches like this one [Saturday] make us a better team," Lawlar said. "The win helps solidify our position, but we came into this season with high expectations and we still have work to do.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

adding to our family.

So as many of you already know, i have an obsession with my tiny dogs. I have bred them and loved them and they have been a huge part of my life. I have Alita and Manolo, but they live with my mom and dad. My aunt has Dulce, which is Alita's sister. So Manolo has bred with Alita and Dulce. I stopped breeding Alita 3 years ago. But 2 yeaars ago Manolo and Dulce had puppies and John and I kept Juan Grande. He has been our little baby and he is so sweet and spoiled. My aunt wanted puppies one more time so we decided that we should keep a girl so that Grande would have a friend. They were born in June and there was a still-born girl and 3 boys and a girl that lived. They are all so cute! So we went to see our girl when they were 3 weeks old. She was so cute and cuddly and has the sweetest eyes. But we also fell in love with one of the boys. John especially loved him. Mostly because he looks EXACTLY like Grande. It's crazy how much they look alike! So we couldn't decide. My aunt said she'd wait to sell both of them until they were 8 weeks old (when they can be placed into homes) so that we could decide which one we wanted. We thought and thought and decided then re-decided, we seriously couldn't make up our mind. So in the end we decided to keep BOTH of them. Oh man, what are we thinking? Really, they are so good though. They sleep in their bed all through the night, are already potty trained, Grande loves having them to play with and they are so cuddly and sweet. Since the boy looks like Grande we decided he needed a name that also starts with a G. So his name is Gomez. We thought of a million names for the girl so when we went to get them we decided to see what name fit her the best. In the end we decided on Bianca. The best part is that they were ready to go the same week as my birthday. So we got them the day after my birthday, it was such a great birthday present!
Gomez getting his first bath.

Bianca's first bath

they are so cuddly and always want to be together. How could we choose just one?

Grande and his new sister Bianca on the way home
all 4 puppies 8 weeks old. i really wanted ALL of them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just in case you didn't know...

my sister is AMAZING!! She just competed in her state track meet and did such a great job! And I am so incredibly proud of her. Read all about it in this article from our newspaper. And just like the article states, she is so humble and sweet about her success. So I had to brag for her on here! I am also really proud of her BFF Lauren for being such a great friend and athlete and for having the sweetest and genuine hearts of anyone I know. You two are both very inspiring in so many ways!! I love you both! (also... check out her awesome muscles in the picture at the top. Lauren is directly behind her to the right.)

EHS junior Best of the Best times three at state 

   Don't count on Erin Kirby going around town bragging about her athletic accomplishments - although she would be fully justified in doing just that. 
   All the Evanston High School junior did last weekend was win three gold medals at the Class 4A State High School Track & Field Championships. Kirby was also the fastest female in all four school classifications at the state meet in those three gold medal events. She recorded Best of the Best state meet times in the 100-meter intermediate hurdles, the 300 low hurdles and the 400-meter dash. 
   Best of the Best awards are presented to the male and female athletes with the top performances at state. The presentations are made throughout the three-day state meet at Harry Geldien Stadium on the Kelly Walsh High School campus in Casper. Erin's dad, Jon Kirby, said his daughter quickly took off the Best of the Best medal from the 100 hurdles after the presentation Saturday morning. By STEVE KODAD Herald Sports Editor After she was awarded the 300 hurdle Best of the Best award later in the day, Erin had the medal removed from around her neck before she stepped off the podium . 
   "I just don't want to look like I'm bragging, I guess," the humble 16-yearold said. "I've always done that. It's good for me that I got it (the medal) and stuff, but I don't need to show it off." 
   Kirby won the 100 hurdle finals Saturday morning with a time of 15.02 seconds . She had the fastest time in Thursday's preliminary round at 15.14. 
   Erin broke her own EHS school record in the 100 hurdles with a blazing 14.37 clocking in the prelims of the West 4A Regionals at Red Devil Stadium May 15. That time was just one-hundredth of a second off the state record of 14.36 set by Shaunna Smith of Sheridan in 2002. 
   After her fast run at regionals, Kirby had her sights set on Smith's state mark (Wyoming state high school track and field records can only be set during state meet competition). But the wind didn't cooperate, as a steady breeze blowing nearly in the competitor's faces Saturday morning helped throttle Erin's record try. "I didn't know I was close to the state record at regionals, and then my mom and dad told me," she said. "So that was my goal in the 100 hurdles, to get (the record). But you can't really do anything about the wind. Next year." 
   In Erin's second race in Saturday's finals , she hit a personal-best time of 43.69 seconds to win the 300 hurdles in a tight battle with Sheridan senior Taylor Gardner. Gardner was second in 43.79. Kirby's time was the fastest again for her second Best of the Best award. Later in the day, Erin and Gardner battled again in the 400, with the EHS standout winning in 56.37 seconds, and Gardner second in 56.60. 
   Kirby said her goal entering state was to claim at least three gold medals. "I was hoping at least for the ones (100 hurdles) and threes (300 hurdles) for sure, and I was also hoping for the 4 (400)," she said, "but I had never really run against that Taylor Gardner girl, so I wasn't really sure how well I was going to run with her, or how close it was going to be. I knew Emily was good in the 200." 
   Emily Moore of Gillette and Kirby battled in the 200-meter dash finals late Saturday. Moore opened an early lead, and as the runners rounded the curve, Erin was a few strides behind. She closed the gap a little, but Moore held on to win in 25.08 seconds, and Kirby was second in 25.31. 
   Kirby began her running career by competing in the Hershey Youth Track and Field Program. She qualified for the national Hershey meet in Pennsylvania one year, "when I was 8 or 9," Erin said. "That's a while ago." 
   Kirby credited middle school coach Mike Lonsway and EHS head track coach Lance Morey for helping her develop her hurdling skills. Hurdle crash 
   Erin said she was a little nervous before the 100 hurdle finals Saturday. History and the Kelly Walsh track have a lot to do with that. Kirby and teammate Lauren Thomas were competing in the 100 hurdle state finals as freshmen two years ago on the same track. Kirby hit a hurdle as she battled with Thomas and Jordan Merback of Kelly Walsh. She crashed to the track and took out Thomas in the process. 
   "Just because it can be like a real close race, because you don't have very much time," she said. "It's kind of like the 100 - if you don't get a good start then you have to make up a lot of distance. I don't know, I guess, just the thought - always when I get to that eighth hurdle, don't fall. It happened last year, too." 
   Kirby and Thomas have been close friends for many years. After Kirby wiped her out in the hurdle finals two years ago, Lauren got disqualified when she tried to help Erin back to her feet and inadvertently grabbed a hurdle. 
   Thomas struggled this season with a leg injury, and she finally seemed to be getting back to 100 percent at the end of the season. Lauren ran on the Lady Devil 1600 relay team that placed second at state. She said the second-place medal was good medicine to help heel the pain of the season slowed by the injury. "It certainly helps," she said. "I didn't perform as well as I wanted to, but this just made everything better. It's just nice." 
   The two friends support and cheer for each other on and off the track, and when they compete against each other. Thomas finished fourth in both hurdle races at state. 
   "I love watching Erin. She's a great competitor and she's my best friend," Thomas said. "When she does well, I could not be happier for her. What bummed me out was not getting the times I wanted to. But Erin's helped me through it, so it was a lot easier." "I just love competing with her. She's a great friend and a great competitor," Thomas said. 
   Kirby is already drawing attention from college recruiters. At 5-11 , she is also a standout on the Lady Devil volleyball team and one of the top players on the EHS basketball squad. Her ideal college situation would be to compete in volleyball and track. 
   "I like them both a lot, but I kind of like team stuff more," she said. "It's just more fun because you actually get to do more stuff together, get all ready and get more pumped up. Track's just kind of your own thing. 
   "Like when I did the 4 x 4 (1,600 relay) my freshman year, it was more fun. I like that, because you're all with your team. I like them both a lot. If I can do both, then that would be really cool." 
   When Erin completes classes at EHS this week, she will officially become a senior, with the realization that in 12 months, her outstanding high school career will come to a close. 
   "This year went by fast," she said. "It's weird to think we actually only have one more year. It kind of goes both ways - I'm not excited to be a senior, but I am." 
   It's probably a sure bet that Evanston coaches lucky enough to work with Erin are saying the same thing. They are no doubt excited to see what she can accomplish in volleyball, basketball and track and field in her senior season, but sad to know that next year will be her last at EHS. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i'm back....

From VEGAS!! and it was a blast. i'm exhausted from all the hard work and craziness, but it was worth it. Every year Paul Mitchell Schools hold a huge educational event. The students sell a certain amount of product bags to earn their way. There was almost 2,000 students this year. The stylists that teach the classes are amazing and some of the most well known hair dressers in the industry. The teachers from the schools walked around the huge classes to help the students. It was really fun. There were cut, color, and styling classes. I was in a styling room with two of the most well known session stylists, George Morales and Lucy Doughty. they work with celebrities for photoshoots and fashion events on a regular basis. It was so fun to be able to help and spend time with them. On the last night we have a party. This year the theme was "Hollywood Glam" it was really fun to see the outfits and hair styles people came in. Here are some pictres! 

PMTS (Paul Mitchell the School) I'm the M!
we were bored at the airport!

Mikalea was so tired. she fell asleep in the airport chair.

Goofing off at the airport on the way home.

Brittany showing off ALL of her urban outfitters purchases.

Brittany and I in the Airport Tram. I'm so glad the Instructors got to fly!
 Our students had to take a bus!
Hollywood Glam! Sara, Me, Brittany.

Jenn, Me, Sara


Me. Sara. Jenn, and some students

Some of the students, Me and Sydney

Chantelle... one my students

Me and Cam. Another Student

Amy, a co-worker

Amanda. she just graduated. I'm going to miss her!

Pretty little heads all in a row.

The heads they were learning on. And this is just a small section of them!

The brilliant George and Lucy with me and Brittany

Me and Britt helping out in class.

Part of the class.

Sarah and Sydney before general session.