Sunday, March 1, 2009

i'm back....

From VEGAS!! and it was a blast. i'm exhausted from all the hard work and craziness, but it was worth it. Every year Paul Mitchell Schools hold a huge educational event. The students sell a certain amount of product bags to earn their way. There was almost 2,000 students this year. The stylists that teach the classes are amazing and some of the most well known hair dressers in the industry. The teachers from the schools walked around the huge classes to help the students. It was really fun. There were cut, color, and styling classes. I was in a styling room with two of the most well known session stylists, George Morales and Lucy Doughty. they work with celebrities for photoshoots and fashion events on a regular basis. It was so fun to be able to help and spend time with them. On the last night we have a party. This year the theme was "Hollywood Glam" it was really fun to see the outfits and hair styles people came in. Here are some pictres! 

PMTS (Paul Mitchell the School) I'm the M!
we were bored at the airport!

Mikalea was so tired. she fell asleep in the airport chair.

Goofing off at the airport on the way home.

Brittany showing off ALL of her urban outfitters purchases.

Brittany and I in the Airport Tram. I'm so glad the Instructors got to fly!
 Our students had to take a bus!
Hollywood Glam! Sara, Me, Brittany.

Jenn, Me, Sara


Me. Sara. Jenn, and some students

Some of the students, Me and Sydney

Chantelle... one my students

Me and Cam. Another Student

Amy, a co-worker

Amanda. she just graduated. I'm going to miss her!

Pretty little heads all in a row.

The heads they were learning on. And this is just a small section of them!

The brilliant George and Lucy with me and Brittany

Me and Britt helping out in class.

Part of the class.

Sarah and Sydney before general session.