Sunday, August 30, 2009

adding to our family.

So as many of you already know, i have an obsession with my tiny dogs. I have bred them and loved them and they have been a huge part of my life. I have Alita and Manolo, but they live with my mom and dad. My aunt has Dulce, which is Alita's sister. So Manolo has bred with Alita and Dulce. I stopped breeding Alita 3 years ago. But 2 yeaars ago Manolo and Dulce had puppies and John and I kept Juan Grande. He has been our little baby and he is so sweet and spoiled. My aunt wanted puppies one more time so we decided that we should keep a girl so that Grande would have a friend. They were born in June and there was a still-born girl and 3 boys and a girl that lived. They are all so cute! So we went to see our girl when they were 3 weeks old. She was so cute and cuddly and has the sweetest eyes. But we also fell in love with one of the boys. John especially loved him. Mostly because he looks EXACTLY like Grande. It's crazy how much they look alike! So we couldn't decide. My aunt said she'd wait to sell both of them until they were 8 weeks old (when they can be placed into homes) so that we could decide which one we wanted. We thought and thought and decided then re-decided, we seriously couldn't make up our mind. So in the end we decided to keep BOTH of them. Oh man, what are we thinking? Really, they are so good though. They sleep in their bed all through the night, are already potty trained, Grande loves having them to play with and they are so cuddly and sweet. Since the boy looks like Grande we decided he needed a name that also starts with a G. So his name is Gomez. We thought of a million names for the girl so when we went to get them we decided to see what name fit her the best. In the end we decided on Bianca. The best part is that they were ready to go the same week as my birthday. So we got them the day after my birthday, it was such a great birthday present!
Gomez getting his first bath.

Bianca's first bath

they are so cuddly and always want to be together. How could we choose just one?

Grande and his new sister Bianca on the way home
all 4 puppies 8 weeks old. i really wanted ALL of them.