Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy!!!! POST EDIT and afterthought.

---Last night when i wrote the post about the crazies... i was obviously offended and i may have become a little bit "mother cat" over my sister! I still mean everything i wrote. but this morning after the intensity of it wore off. and some very kind comments and emails i feel a lot better.

So i want to say thank you just one more time for all of the support and kindness Erin has received from strangers as well as people in her life. Our family has been very blessed to have people that love her and cheer her on. i know Erin is grateful for that as well.
I would also like to say, that although my last post was mainly about mean people, there has been way more positive and kind feedback from friends, family, and strangers about Erin being named All State Player of the Year than mean ones. There has been WAY more love in this situation than hate and i appreciate all of you who have shown me that. Anyone who knows Erin would only want to be her friend, you can't know her and choose to be her enemy. The only opinions that should matter to me are the ones of my friends and family. and i know i have all the support in the world from them. I'm sorry that i let myself focus on the negative people last night and not the positive, when there has been so many nice things that have been said.
I just love my sister.
positivity always wins, and i promise i will be on that side from now on!! Thank you.


mos said...
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mos said...

Go Erin Go!!! Can't wait to see you become the US player of the year!!

And thank god for Wyoming that brought us many great people (like Erin, Lyndsey and Jackson Pollock!)

Seriously, thanks Lyndsey for your posts, your love and care and genuinity is inspiring

Jess said...

What a stud Erin is, and what a fabulous sis you are :)