Friday, November 6, 2009


WOW!!! So most of my volleyball posts about Erin were posted within the week, some within hours of this post. And ALL of them were newspaper articles and direct quotes except for the post -representin'- which says more about my love for her than about her athletic ability). But i seem to have caused quite the controversy! I may have to start monitoring and approving my comments from other people. I have received quite a few mean, snarky and intense comments and emails from complete strangers from other wyoming teams. Mostly about how they think their players are better. I have deleted the comments (except for the one comment that was just a comment, and not rude.) And although i do understand that they are bias and loyal to their players, as i am to my sister, i don't think it's appropriate for them to search out my personal blog and a put negative damper on the excitement and happiness that me and my family are experiencing over Erin's volleyball season and accomplishments.
I have never bad-mouthed another team or player on my blog or in public, and i don't delete the positive quotes from the articles about other team's players when i post them on my blog. when my family attends the games we cheer and clap for the opposing teams when they do something good- just like we do for our own team. My parents have had letters written about them to our athletics department on more than one occasion thanking them for their good sportsmanship and positive energy toward ALL wyoming players.
I think Erin is very deserving of her recognition this season. I know that there are opinions and politics in sports that i certainly do not understand. But one thing i know as a fact is that Erin being named state player of the year was because the majority of the coaches from all 4A teams voted for her. And i want to thank those coaches for doing so, it proves to me that me thinking she deserves it isn't JUST because i love her and see who she is, but also because the majority of her competition's coaches also wanted her to be recognized after watching her athletic skills and getting to see a a small part of who she is as a person. Erin is a very kind and sweet young lady who is very passionate about what she does and about the people in her life. she is extremely grateful for the honors she has received as state and regional player of the year as well as all state and all conference. although she has self worth and shows pride in what she does, she is never cocky or rude, on or off the court. She even acknowledges the talent and competition of the other players in the 4A classification that could have been and were considered for player of the year , as well as her teammates for helping her be and become the player that she is....

Erin's most recent quotes:
"I was excited because it was my goal from when I was a sophomore to do it by the time I was a senior so that was nice," Kirby said. "It makes me feel good. There are a lot of other really good players. I would watch them and see how good they were. It's cool that coaches see me play and think that about me.

"I tried to have a good attitude on the court and be a team player," Kirby said. She also gave credit to the team's setters, Abbey Ehlers and Jessica Chandler.
"They are great setters. They helped me get better with my hitting because I didn't have to adjust too much," Kirby said. "They'd get a good set and I'd get a good hit and it would help with confidence."

-------Comments and even links to other articles about the players you love, no matter what team they play on are welcomed. I have great pride in my home state of wyoming and the amazing talent and athleticism we have, and are lucky enough to witness together. We are separate as teams in our cities, classifications, regions, and conferences, and we are all proud of our individual friends and family as athletes and our coaches that lead and teach them. but we should show some unity and pride as a state, not just as individuals teams and players. Be glad we have each other.

*One of the most true quotes i have ever heard is... "We are only as great as our greatest competition."
-Our athletes push each other and help each other learn and grow and develop into the people and athletes that they are. They sharpen each other's talents and skills and teach each other life lessons such as triumph, disappointment, pride, humility, teamwork, friendship, competition, respect, dedication, drive, integrity, embarrassment, excitement, pure sorrow, and pure happiness, and in general, just pure, raw emotion.
I am grateful to have had the chance to grow up in wyoming sports and learn some of these lessons for myself. And being seven years older than Erin, i have been so lucky to be able to watch her grow and mature into who she is. And not only to witness that growth but to see how so much of it is because of your children and athletes, and all wyoming coaches and parents. You have all been Erin's greatest competition and she is great because of that. And i truly believe that your daughters are greater because she was a great competition to them. I want to say thank you to all of you who are influential in our Wyoming High School Sports, from that huge amount of support... Erin as well as many other past, present, and future Wyoming athletes have the opportunity to play in college level sports, and to have their educations paid for, making them just as successful in their adult lives as they are now.

For those of you who don't agree with me or share my enthusiasm... you are entitled to whatever opinions you have and i respect that. But please respect me and my family by not posting unkind remarks on my personal blog. There are plenty of discussion boards where you can write anything you want (go here to read other opinions or to post your own). Although Erin is very humble, i have NEVER, EVER claimed to be humble for or about her. I am extremely proud of her and her accomplishments, i brag about her all the time! I am lucky to have her in my life as an example and as someone to try to be an example for. I love her and love that i can call her my sister. if that pride and love annoys you, as some of you have so blatantly and viciously expressed, and you really feel the need to tell me or to say something about it, then please at least send it in an email so that only i have to read it, not all of my friends and family. Thank you.
Lyndsey Kirby McClure


Dana said...

your sister is an amazing athlete and you have every right to be proud of her!I have learned through my own experience in athletics that there are incredibly kind and generous people and there are people who are sometimes worth forgetting. I am excited for both of you and I hope she continues to do well! Go Erin!

Lyndsey said...

Thanks Dana!!

Wardleclan said...

i AGREE! You sister is amazing and I would love to come watch her when she plays! My mom always tells me that sometimes your highest moments inlife can be the loneliest... isn't that just so sad that the most awesome award, being all-state player of the year, can bring out the worst inother people that didn't win! SO SO SAD that people can't just be excited for her and proud that all her hard work paid off! I am so proud of her... she is gonna be one of those amazing athletes that puts good old Evanston back on the MAP when she is famous! :)

The Hugel's said...

I have kept up on all your posts about your sister I think it's she is so amazing. As a sister of course you are proud of her and want to write all of her accomplishments I mean come on she isn't my sister and I am proud of her haha. Like you said this is your own personal blog and you can write what you want to write and nobody has any right to try and put you or your sister down. I am sorry some people can just be so MEAN and most likely jealous. Just be positive and forget those people!

Brittany said...

Very well said Lyndsey. It's unfortunate that people can be so thoughtless. Good for you for standing up for yourself!