Friday, November 6, 2009


During the state Finals i was really excited and wanted the girls to know how much we love and support them. The whole Evanston crowd cheered and yelled like crazy the whole weekend but i always wonder how much they can really hear all the way out there..... even thought i'm REALLY loud and my mom is even louder!! (people in front of us may or may not have moved during the first game, telling us that we were too loud and gave us mean looks. But we always cheer nicely and even cheer when the other team does good stuff too! So i think they were just cranky cause we were winning!) But ANYWAY......for the finals me and my friend Jaime decided to make sure they could see and feel our love from the stands!! So we made posters for the girls. Erin is such a great player and nice person that most of the other teams and their fans know her, but she had also been in the front page of casper paper the day before, so if they didn't know her before that... they all did after watching her play and reading the article. I wanted everyone to know that she's MINE! She may be humble, but i am definitely not humble about her! So i made a shirt that said "ERIN KIRBY IS MY SISTER" with a KIRBY and number 11 on the back. she could see it from the stands and it made her so happy. They were all so smiley from the court when they saw us. People from other teams were commenting when i'd walk by them. They'd say how amazing and kind she is and some cute girls that were from a middle school in another city said " I wish Erin was my sister" it was so cute!!! GO LADY DEVILS WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!