Sunday, December 6, 2009

You know you live in Utah County when....

I hear some pretty strange things living here. it's always a little surprising to hear the funny little things that people will say or hint at, or even just assume. but i know where i chose to live and i know what comes with that decision. honestly there are a lot of people who are very loving and kind and understanding, but every once in a while someone will say something that just honestly shocks me.

Two boys around 19 came into my work, one went to the back while the other stayed in the lobby to wait. I was sitting by my front desk girl, sarah and we were just talking. Sarah mentioned something about being in the sun and i made a comment about how i'm an indoor kind of girl and would rather be painting or watching movies or go to a museum than hike or ski or anything like that..... this is how it went from there...

Boy: What? You don't like to be outside? You're just going to be a stay at home mom that cooks all day.
Me and Sarah: Look surprised at his outburst and laugh because that is so not what i do!
Boy: Why is that funny?
Me: I don't know how to cook, my husband ALWAYS cooks!
Sarah: And she doesn't really like kids.
Me: Yeah i have cute little dogs instead.
Boy: You don't like kids?! How can you not like kids!!
Sarah: I should've said that differently, it isn't that she doesn't like them, she can appreciate kids, she just doesn't like to be around them a lot.
Me: Yeah, they're cute sometimes, but they're just so loud and crazy and i don't have a lot of patience when it comes to loud noises.
Boy: Well doesn't your husband make a lot of noise?
Me:(confused....what does this boys dad do for a living?!) not really, we just hang out and eat good food and sleep in on weekends and work and have fun.
Boy: So you seriously don't want kids?
Me: I don't know, we've only been married for a year, maybe someday, but it's just not really in our immediate future plans.
Boy: (dead serious and and in a really rude tone of voice) WHY DID YOU EVEN GET MARRIED IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAVE KIDS?!
Me: (shocked) Ummm..... because i love my husband!
Sarah:(who is an active member of the church and has been married for 2.5 years and doesn't have children yet)... There are lots of reasons to be married besides to multiply and replenish the earth!
Boy: I know but i just don't see the point!
--a few seconds of awkward silence and blank stares later, i changed the subject and asked sarah a question. I mean really.... what can i say to that?!
But SERIOUSLY? WHO SAYS THAT? And especially to a perfect stranger?! AND we weren't even talking to him AND we weren't even talking about children until he made the comment about me not liking the outdoors. WEIRDO!!
So just because i may not want kids i have to have a lonely life and don't deserve to be loved or in love, or married?! Suddenly we have proposition 9... if you aren't pregnant by the 2nd year of marriage your wedding will now be annulled. If you know you don't want children you can only be married in the state of Pennsylvania?! CRAZY BOY!
So funny! When he finally left I started laughing so hard i was almost crying! i couldn't even stop! Sarah was really mad. She was so offended for me! i explained to her that i'm used to inappropriate comments from strangers about my life choices and although that was by far one of the craziest, that i know not to get offended by those kinds of things. she said " It's people like him that give the church and it's members a bad name! i HATE that!" HAHA I guess it's a good thing i know a lot of people like Sarah, who is so kind and loving and accepting, or i may think everyone in this valley was crazy! But again.... WHO SAYS THAT?! HAHA.


Brittany said...

Oh gosh Lynds! I'm so sorry! People like that irritate me!
We get comments like that quite often as well...because we have been married for 3 WHOLE YEARS and don't have kids. People just need to learn when to hush. Some things are no one else's business. This is one of them! It makes me want to say to people "When you become part of our marriage, you will be allowed in on these decisions, but until then...sorry!"

Jess said...

Lyns, you just have to forgive people like that because they know not what they say. Tay and I have been married over four years, no kids and life is still good. Yeah we got married because we love our husbands. It is sad when people, from any church, are close minded and assumptive.

Cammi said...

I got married thinking that I would never have kids... we still dont have any a year in and if it were up to me, I wouldnt. But I know how much my husband wants kids so we will. I get comments from people sometimes about how its selfish if I dont have kids. WHAT!? I devote my life to accomplish my goals and to my husband, how is that any different from devoting your life to your kids and accomplishing your goals? I say have them when you're ready. I got married to be with the one I love, kids will come when we're ready whether that be this year or not for 10 years... who knows?!?

Camille said...

This cracked me up. No matter where you are in life everyone around you is going to think you're not doing it right.
I'm 26 and not married and I get crap about that all the time. Everyone thinks something is wrong with me because I'm not married. I know as soon as I get married people will start pressuring for kids, then when you have kids, there is pressure for a big house and then jobs and then retirement and then.... blah blah.
I think people should be more understanding and just live and love life. Everyone can choose what they want to do. There is no such thing as a "Cookie Cutter Life!"