Sunday, May 16, 2010

too long

It has been so long since my last post. There is always so much going on but i never remember to blog about it. So i'll just do an update and try to remember to be a better blogger. Here it goes...

We still live in Orem. We have been in the same town-home for a year. We love it! We have lots of extra space and it is new and homey, which is good because we have a lot more dogs and cats in this house than people! But they are so good and give us so much love in our lives!

Grande, Gomez, Manolo and Bianca. They have 3 beds, but like to cuddle up in just one

I am still working as a teacher at Paul Mitchell the School. I was working in the honor's program (phase two) it is a smaller room, the size of a real salon within the school, the students had to apply to get in and i treated them like it was a job, but still taught them and helped them with anything they needed. I worked in there for almost two years and i loved the one on one teaching and friendships that i made in that smaller environment, but i started to get cabin fever and i missed the energy and chaos of the school atmosphere. So in january i switched back to phase one. I love being back! I love teaching. It is so rewarding to watch the information click after sharing information and seeing the confidence rise with my students. it feels good to be such an important part of their lives and receive their gratitude. I am also now one of two cutting specialists at the school. I am the Product Specialist leader and I am also over our school's internet PR. We had a couple people at night school quit, one for good and one for the summer, so for at least the summer i am working at day and night school again. I definitely keep very busy there! But i love that i get to be a part of so many different areas of the school/company and it's fun to have a different focus everyday but still have the main goal of being a good teacher, being creative and hands on, and working for a company i am passionate about. I'm so lucky to have had the opportunities, and growth there!

my 2009 staff photo

John owns his own wellness and fitness company. He has been working hard. He has a very steady clientele. He does a lot of corrective exercise therapy, diets and nutrition, and personal training. He gets to have a ton of variety in his clients. There's a huge range in ages, lifestyle goals, needs. He has trained men and women for body building and fitness shows, and most of them have placed in their competitions. And all of his clients are happy with him and their results. Even though he has steady business, he had time in-between sessions. He doesn't like downtime, so he decided to go back for more school. He started at UVU last week and is now majoring in Political Science. He is planning on applying to grad schools and we will hopefully move out East within the next 2 years.

John on his first day of school

My sister, Erin is finishing her senior year. She has state track next week and we are going to watch her. She pre-qualified in 7 events this year! In the state competition you are only allowed to run in 4 events. So she will do the 100m hurdles, the 200m dash, 300m hurdles and the 400m. Most people are happy to qualify in one or two events, and to actually have to pick out your four is crazy. She also has at least 3 school records (maybe even more, i'm not sure) and has broken her own records and bettered her times throughout the year. She won all of her events at regionals last week and the girl's team placed first overall. State should be fun! She starts school in July on a fullride volleyball and track scholarship. She is so fun and down to earth. I am so proud of her, but i am REALLY gonna miss spending time with her and having her so close.

Erin ( to the right with kirby on her back) and the girl's track team after they were announced in 1st place at Regionals

My brother, Kevin is at the police academy right now. He will graduate next month. Him and his fiance, Amanda are getting married in Vegas on the Treasure Island Pirate Ship in July. We love her and they have been together for 4 years, so we are excited to have her as officially ours.

Kevin and Amanda

My uncle Patrick (who is my age and is more like a brother) and his wife Brittany are living in Evanston. They bought a house there and Patrick graduated from the police academy in March. I love having them so close after they have lived in North Carolina and Colorado for the last 5 years! They are 2 of my most favorite people ever. And i am so glad to be able to spend more time with them and their 2 beautiful kids who love their Aunt Ms. Sally ( haiden who is 5 has called me Ms. Sally since he could talk... we don't know why) and Uncle John.

Patrick's graduation. Dad, Mom, Haiden, Brittany, Patrick, Karlyn, G, Me

John's Grandma is here in Orem, she is 82 and still as sharp as a tack. We have lunch with her once a week for sure and John gets to see her a few times a week. LOVE her!

me and Gram at lunch. don't judge me for looking like i just woke up. cause i HAD just woken up. i worked day and night school the day before. :)

Between the two of us, our jobs, our animals and our families, things are always a little crazy and there is always something going on! But we are happy and in love!!

We hope you are all doing well and are also happy and busy!


McHugh Family said...

Finally I am so happy that you updated! So proud of you and all of your accomplishments at the school, you truly are amazing! I can't believe that John went back to school that is awesome, and moving in 2 years back EAST?? Um thanks for telling Aunts! Thanks for the nice comment about our family. We love you guys! And the littles . ..

Lyndsey said...

haha. i would tell you if we move! he has a while here before we can even really make any plans. that is our long term goal! :)

Cammi said...

Yay fo blogging! Sounds like youa re doing great Cute Lynds and I miss you like crazy!! I need to see you soon or I might lose my mind. All the pups are adorable!!

Kirby Family said...

Nice update Lyndsey. The pictures are all wonderful. You do such a good job with your blog. We can't wait to spend some time with you two this weekend!

KeNzIE said...

Yay for blogs!! Thanks for updating and I'm glad things are going so well for you and John!Tell everone at PM hi for me! MIss you xoxox

Jess said...

Wow Lynz, what an amazing pic of you and your grandmother.

Jess said...

Dude where is the baby stuff?!?!?